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Original Chilli Jam

Sharp, sweet and spicy, Original Chilli Jam is a clear and bright flavour great for all tastes and occasions.

How does it taste?

The heat of bird's eye chillies are balanced with the sweetness of brown sugar, the sharpness of vinegar, and the smokiness of charred, roasted peppers. It's a smooth, rounded flavour with a gentle simmer.

It's an award winning taste - Original Chilli Jam won a Silver award in Taste of the West 2022, and a Bronze award in the Clifton Chilli Club Awards 2022.

How spicy is it?

Heat tolerance is very individual! Chilli fans rate its heat level at 2/5, and those with more delicate tastes rate it 4/5. A bit of zing anyone can enjoy!

Goes great with...

Original Chilli Jam has a great flavour that pairs with and adds complexity to almost anything. My favourite use is with cheese, melted in a toastie, spread in a burger, or on a cheeseboard.

Customers say...

"Excellent product [...] perfect balance of sweet and heat" - George from London

"The best chilli jam I've ever had, would definitely recommend!" - Kaya from Bristol

"Really versatile [...] perfect addition to pizza or Thai dishes too" - Sophie from Bristol


Cane sugar, blend of vinegars (malt, cider, balsamic), roasted & charred peppers (capsicum, olive oil, salt), natural pectin, birds' eye chillies.

Vegan βœ… Delicious βœ…

Made in a home kitchen - best effort is made to avoid contamination, but this product may contain allergens.



200ml jar @ Β£4.50

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