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Malamango Chilli Jam

Malamango Chilli Jam has rich, sweet mangoes blended with toasted Sichuan peppercorns for a tingly "mala" taste, smoky yellow peppers and bird's eye chillies.

Don't miss out on this unique alternative to mango chutney!

Limited edition - available during Indian & Pakistani mango season May - July.

What's "mala"?

"Mala" is a Chinese word - 麻辣 - referring to the flavour you get when combining Sichuan pepper with spicy chillies. "Ma" 麻 means "numbing", and "La" 辣 means "spiciness".

Sichuan pepper is a fragrant spice used a lot in China, but you might not have heard of it because it's very rare in UK-Chinese food. The takeaways and restaurants that were founded during the waves of immigration in the 50s-80s didn't have a lot of access to this unique spice. If you do come across it in a restaurant, you're probably at somewhere serving quite authentic recipes!

It's hard to describe the flavour of mala if you haven't tried it before. If you can imagine the sensation of a really minty toothpaste, but without any of the mint flavour, you're in the right area. It adds a unique extra dimension to rich and complex flavours like those in Malamango Chilli Jam - the juicy sweetness of ripe mangoes, the smokiness of charred yellow peppers, and the spiciness of the bird's eye chillies.

How spicy is it?

Chilli fans rate its heat level at 2/5, and those with more delicate tastes rate it 4.5/5.

Heat tolerance is very individual! For the more sensitive palate, the tingly mala flavour bumps up the score rating very slightly compared to the other flavours of chilli jam.

Goes well with...

It's absolutely perfect with a good curry, as an alternative to mango chutney. Dip your poppadoms, bhajis and samosas for an absolute treat.

It's also a great roasting glaze, in particular for lamb. Try making a rub of salt, Chinese five-spice and Malamango Chilli Jam!


Cane sugar, vinegar blend (malt, cider, balsamic), mangoes (fresh and from pulp), roasted peppers (capsicum, olive oil, salt), natural pectin, birds' eye chillies, Sichuan peppercorn.

Vegan ✅ Delicious ✅

This product is homemade, so while best effort is made to avoid contamination, this product may contain traces of common allergens like nuts, gluten and dairy.


200ml jar @ £5.50

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